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  • Sugar Rush' returns to Channel 4 for second series:Timeout London 於第二季推出時的短篇介紹.文章末尾提出一個長久以來的世紀懸案:
      "...It's the scheduling that's most confusing - surely at this time most of the target audience will be in bed? 播出時段真令人困惑--目標觀眾群不是多已上床睡覺了?"


  • From dysfunctional dyke to designer doll :在第二季推出時,於Guardian衛報刊出,頗為批判的一篇文章.一位44歲的歐蕾表達出強烈的代溝差異.我不贊同所有觀點,但覺得整篇文章值得細看,有些值得參考.


  • Olivia's Sugar Rush:The NorthWest Enquirer於第二季訪問訪問Olivia Hallinan(Kim),談到不少幕後故事(註:目前似乎須login才能看到原文)

      "Hallinan beat off hundreds of other contenders at five London auditions, after her agent spotted the part. ""I was amazed to get it,"" she says." 當初Hallinan在倫敦五場試鏡中,打敗上百人才得到角色.她說:我很訝異能獲選.

      "I spent every summer holiday filming when I was at school, because I've been in love with theatre for as long as I can remember,"" she says. ""My mum is an actress and runs a drama school, so I've been going to the theatre to watch her since I was very little."" 我把學校的暑假都用在拍戲,因為自我有記憶以來,就一直深愛著戲劇.她說道:我媽是演員,而且經營表演學校,所以我很小就在劇院看她表演.

  • Sweet Success:Mykindplace於第二季訪問Olivia Hallinan(Kim),其中談到她的性傾和拍戲過程,及第三季的可能性.

      "Single and straight I'm afraid. I get a lot of girls and women assuming I'm not and I always feel really awful when I tell them otherwise. As for the more sexual scenes in the programme, it's acting, it's generally fine. I think because we were such a close knit unit as a crew and the director made me so comfortable. We had a week to improvise and get to know each other really well beforehand." 抱歉,我是單身的異性戀.很多女性以為我是拉子,我告訴她們我是異女,總讓我很過意不去.至於節目中裸露的床戲,那只是演戲,並無大礙.因為我們的團隊緊密,而且導演讓我很自在.拍攝前,我們有一個星期進行即興演練,讓彼此熟悉.(我猜想床戲應該是指Kim-Saint在209那一場)

      "...I can't say whether there will be a third series and as for me, I'm not allowed to say what I'm involved in ‘cos of confidentiality and al that." 我沒有辦法說是否有第三季,我未獲授權向外透露我正進行中的案子,因為保密限制的關係.

  • Sugar and Spice:同志網站Gay.com於第二季訪問Lenora Crichlow(Sugar).有趣的是她評論Sugar的性傾向:

      "....Even though Sugar is straight, kissing Kim automatically makes her a lesbian in some people's eyes." 雖然Sugar是異女,但有些人認為吻了Kim就自動讓她變成拉子.


  • Bitter Sweet:Wide Open Magazine於第二季訪問原著作者Julie Burchill.她的原著真的評價不高,但是她創造了角色,和故事主架,總得飲水思源.

      "I wrote it in six afternoons when I was drunk. 我花六個星期寫完,而且還是喝醉的.

      To be honest the book sold about 4,000 copies originally, which is really bad.
      Then of course there are the dvds and the cds – it's turned out to be a little gold mine. 老實說,一開始只賣了4000本,真的很糟.接著有了影集DVD和原聲帶CD,它變身為一個小金礦.

      Absolutely nothing about the story is based on my own experiences of being a teenager. 當然,裡頭的故事完全不是根據我的青少年經歷來改編.

      I've had such a good time throughout my career but the Sugar Rush bit of it has been the most exciting. I'm very lazy and it has been gloriously easy because the TV production has done all the hard work for me. I've never done much good socially. I've always led a very selfish life, but randomly it seems by writing this book I may have done something worthy." 我的職業生涯很多采多姿,但Sugar Rush是其中最驚喜的.我很懶,但電視製作人把最難的改編都做完,所以我極其輕鬆.我一直都很自私自利,但無意中,寫出這本書,可能讓我做對了一件有價值的事.

  • Hurricane Julie:Spike Magazine於第一季訪問原著作者Julie Burchill.

  • The Queer Lady:同志網站MarkSimpson.com於第一季訪問原著作者Julie Burchill.


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