Sea Purple

義大利最近推出女同新片《Viola di mare》,英文片名為《Sea Purple》,於10月16日
在Rome Film Festival(羅馬影展)首映.


電影改編自Giacomo Pilati的作品"Minchia di Re".據說作家是根據真實事件,或是民間流傳的野史來創作小說.

製作人Maria Grazia Cucinotta,以及導演Donatella Maiorca皆為女性.製作人還在片中客串一角.

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Thanks for the introduction.
Nice trailer. I hope the movie is also that good.

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一開頭瞥到的先生,該不會就是 Los hombres de Paco (西班牙警匪影集)裡面的 Don Lorenzo Castro,女主角 Silvia 的爸爸?

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@Tako, 我看好久,應該是西劇裡的Juan Diego飾演這部義片的父親,但是電影在IMDB名錄沒有他,好奇怪?

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Sigh, kicking myself! I was in Italy for one whole week and didn't go to see this film, cause I did not know and didn't check. :(

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If there is a postcard in you mailbox from Italy these days, it is from me :)

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I'm looking forward to the postcard from Italy. But guess I won't receive it until early Nov. It would take a very long journey.

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I suppose the guy just happens to
look like Silvia's father since the two actors are from different countries..speaking different languages...although Spanish and
Italian are similar in several ways...:p

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FYI: This comment at AfterEllen tells us the meaning of the title.

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This can be included in the list of the decade movies.

It looks like a movie by women (the only producer who isn't is the husband of Cucinotta. Even the cinematographer is a woman. The scenery in the movie is quite beautiful.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta appeared in "Il postino". I saw that movie long time ago but I didn't remember so well. She only plays a small role in Viola di Mare"".

Angela's father was a powerful man in this village, managing a tuff quarry for the baron. He wanted a son to continue his work. As you can see, the status of women in Italy at that time was very low, just like in old China society.

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