Any Firefox pro?



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C:\Documents and Settings\(你的使用者名稱)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(亂數決定的ID,以保護你的設定檔).default\bookmarks.html


我自己是用Your Uninstaller! 2008 這個軟體來移除firefox,不知道可不可以提供載點給您,需要的話還請您回覆~


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今天Notebook不在手邊,我週日晚上才能試看看.原來 "顯示所有檔案和資料夾", "隱藏保護的作業系統檔案"是關鍵,難怪之前我找不到C:\Documents and Settings下面的\Application Data\


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Also check this guide: Firefox will not start. As mentioned in the beginning of the guide, there're many causes for this. Have you made any changes in Firefox before this happened?

You can also use MozBackup (nice tool) for backing up Firefox & Thunderbird preferences (bookmarks, cookies & histories, settings etc)before doing something, like installing a new add-on.

In your case, I suggest that you don't backup the extensions. After you remove* Firefox and install it again, you can restore these back (to be on the safe side, you can restore one by one every time and see whether your previous settings would cause the trouble again or not.

Simple uninstallation doesn't remove Firefox's profile. If you want to know what the problem is, you need to back up them first (and copy the add-on folders to another place), and remove them completely before install a new one. However, you can also try to install it without complete removing the profile (but you still back up them first), and them see what happens.

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Dear both,
I took wildeny's advice and checked Firefox guide. The problem is something like "Firefox is already running but is not responding." (boy, invisible running?) Anyway, I retrieved my bookmarks.html well. (Wow, what a great task to learn about "Porfile".) That's most important thing and perhaps the only thing I did it well. For the rest was not that smooth.

I followed chan's suggestion but "Your Uninstaller" couldn't install Firefox as expected. Well, I had terrible nightmare last night and cloudy mood for whole day. That has to be a call for a stop regarding these Firefox things. Poor Fruit, she had no idea what the fuss was about.

IE 7 works fine right now. At least it could work with my retrieved bookmarks.....

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