Bad Girls S2E07 : The Setup

The Setup 自設陷阱


Karen : Now. We're all here, I know there is no need for an introduction. You all know Helen. You are going to see her quite a bit of in Larkhall.

Helen has been promoted to Grade4 and is going to work for area management in a special work project linked lifer report at 745. Part her job is to put together data to help asset why Brit has more women lifers than any country in Europe.

She'll also be responsible for insuring everything is ok with women lifers in this prison. I don't know if anything else you want to say, Helen!

Helen : Just to reemphasize what Karen said. I hope we can work together and just to say. Although I'm here part of area management. I'm not here to get involved running Larkhall in any way. No more responsible to the prisoner's governor. Just think me as a "civilian" worker. That's all. 只是再強調一下凱倫所說的重點.希望能和大家一起共事.雖然我因服務於區域管理而在此,但並不會涉入拉寇的管理.也不會向典獄長呈報.把我當做是社工人員就可以了.
Karen : OK! Good! 好吧!
Helen : And then. Leave it to you. 那麼,我先離開.
Karen : Yes. Of cause. 好的.

Jim Fenner以他的私人特別服務,再度向Yvonne行賄.她早就有備而來,在球場上拍了照片,打算反將一軍,制住Fenner.這集標題The Setup,一開始似乎是為Fenner的寫照.可惜她最後功虧一簣,落到被抓回來.

Bodybag : Alright! Let's have you. 好了!妳們出來吧.
Nikki : In your dreams. Love! 在妳的夢中吧,親愛的!(如果是Helen來說,Nikki的回應絕對不一樣)
Bodybag : Less of your lip! Wade. and you report to the officer's office after breakfast. 少貧嘴!魏!還有,妳,早餐後去辦公室報到.
Babara : What for? 為什麼?

Bodybag : Got yourself a new job, cleaner. 給妳新工作,清潔工.
Babara : What? How? 什麼?怎麼回事?
Bodybag : If you got any complaint talk to your union. 妳想抱怨請找工會.
Babara :I had a good mind to complain about her. She is so rude. 我才想抱怨她.她真粗魯.
Nikki : She hasn't even started yet, come on! 她還沒發威呢,走吧!

Zandra and Crystal : Good to see you again, Miss Steward. 真高興再見到妳,司徒女士.
Helen : Yeah. Zan. Cry. 是啊,珊,克.
Zandra : Things have been changed since you,ve left. 妳走了以後改變很多.
Crystal : Are you back in charge? 妳是重回來接掌?
Helen : Not exactly. Look! I love to chat right now. But I got things to do. I'll see you later. 不是的.我很想再聊.但有些事要處理.待會見.

Helen : Hello! 嗨!
Nikki : Do you want to come back my place? 妳想到「我房裡」去嗎?


Helen : So, come on! How come you're still in basic. You not worked out yet how to be a good girl. 怎麼了!妳怎麼還待在一樓.還不知道要怎麼學乖.
Nikki : Well! You know me Helen. As long as my gulp open up. I'm getting into trouble. 妳了解我,海倫.只要我還有口氣在,我就是會惹麻煩.
Helen : Fenner. Nikki! Just keep out his way. 是費拿.尼琪,妳要避開他.
Nikki : Yeah! I'll try. 好,我儘量.
Helen : hm... 嗯...

Nikki : Look! Helen. Don't think I don't appreciated what you are trying to do for me. I got more reasons to get out here more than I ever had, but the reality is it's going to be 9 yrs before they let me out. 我很感激妳為我作的努力.我比以前有更強烈的出獄動機,但現實是還要9年才能出獄.
Helen : This job gives me access to lifers here that means your files, trial details, direction by judge, updates these on parol, everything. 我的職務讓我可以接觸終身犯的檔案、審判細節、法官的意見、律師的答辯...所有的資料.
Nikki : So? 所以呢?
Helen : So maybe I can find something that will get you out here. 或許我能找到救妳出去的方法.
Nikki : Like a magic key. 例如,神奇的鑰匙.
(Nikki暗示Helen幫助她逃獄,這是Helen最不認同的方式.這一集反而是Yvonne本有機會從Jim Fenner之助而逃脫.......)
Helen : Oh! Come on. Nikki, I'm serious. 哦!別鬧了,尼琪,我說真的. 
Nikki : Helen, I know what I'm missing and I'm not prepared to spend the next 9 yrs living in false hope expecting to get out early. 海倫,我知道少了什麼,我不打算未來9年都活在肖想提早出獄的虛幻夢想.
Helen : It's won't be false hope if we make it happen. 如果我們努力,可能就不是虛幻夢想.
Nikki : Maybe I think I'm lucky. 或許我還是幸運的.
Helen : Lucky? 幸運?

Nikki : I'm locked up in here. I can still touch you. 我被關起來.我還是可以碰得到妳.(Nikki此舉,本是人之常情,但Helen甩開了Nikki的手.)
Helen : No, Nikki! Look! I know that I'm not a governor anymore but you're still a prisoner. We still have to be careful. 不,尼琪!我雖不是典獄長,但妳還是犯人.我們還是得小心.(這就是戲劇的張力,絕不違法的Helen,遇上率性的Nikki.)
Nikki : Yeah! I know. I understand that! 是!我知道,我了解!(一顆心,差點粉碎在地上)
Helen : Look! If there is anything in those files, a witness that wasn't brought forward, evidence was left out. I'll find it. 如果還有沒呈現的檔案或證詞,或是遺漏的證物.我會找出來.
Nikki : Thank you! 謝謝妳.
Helen : I got go, I'll see you. 我該走了,再見.
Nikki : See you. 再見.

Jim Fenner在門外虎視眈眈.他自從目睹Helen探視Nikki,早已疑心她們的關係.
Jim : Helen! Glad to be back. 海倫,很高興回來吧.
Helen : OH! No, not entirely but there is no reason I should have anything to do with you at all, is there, Jim..噢!不完全是,但是應該與你沒有一點關係,吉姆...
Jim : It's up to you. I know you didn't come back to Larkhall to see me. How's the reunion? By the way. 隨便妳.我知道妳不是為了我回來拉寇.妳們的會面情形如何?
Helen : Sorry? 什麼?
Jim : You and Wade. I have to admit I didn't realized. You were that way inclined, the signs were there. I supposed. 妳和魏.我承認之前沒看出來,妳有那種傾向.我想早有跡象.

Helen : I have had enough of this conversation, Jim. 我不想再和你扯,吉姆.
Jim : Be careful, Helen. No one wants to make embarrassing discoveries, do they? 小心,海倫.沒有人願意醜事被看出,對吧?
Helen : Don't you worry about me. 別擔心我.
Jim : Well, enough! Only I take it Simon's up to speed on the situation, Is he? 夠了!如果向賽門報告,就可更快露饀.
Helen : Look! Not that it's any of your business. But for the record since I left. Yes. I have written too and I have visited Nikki Wade and I have informed the governor. Not doing so would have been unprofessional, wouldn't it, Jim.不干你的事.從我離職後,是的,我寫過信也探視過尼琪魏,我向典獄長報備過.沒有不專業的事情,吉姆.
Jim : Absolutely right? You know me I like to do things by the book.是嗎?我喜歡照規定行事.(螢幕前一片開汽水的聲音:胡扯!)

Nikki : I have never known anyone to write so much? 我從來沒看過有人寫這麼多?
Babara : It helps me, all to get things clear in my head not mixed up. 這幫助我釐清腦中的事情,不會攪亂.
Nikki : That's what the diary does. 這是日記的功能.
Babara : I have always kept diary. Things make sense when you write them in your diary. 我一直都有寫日記.寫在日記裡,事情就變得有條理.
Nikki : Anything makes sense in this place would be a bloody good read. 在這裡任何有條理的東西都會很好看.
Babara : When I get out of here, I want to use my notes to write a book I intend to make sure people know what really goes on in here. 當我離開,我想用我的筆記出書,讓別人知道這裡發生的事實.
Nikki : This is the last place I want to think about when I get out. 我離開後根本不會回想這裡.
Babara : I don't suppose. I won't have much else to occupy my time..我不會.我沒其他事可以消磨時間...
Nikki : hm? Why that is it? 嗯?怎麼說?

Babara : There is no one really waiting for me out there. No one and nothing. 沒有人在外面等著我.沒有任何事物.
Nikki : No family? 沒有家人?
Babara : I left my first husband when I met Peter. Peter was a lovely man. Do you believe in soul mates, Nikki? 我遇見彼得便離開第一任丈夫.彼得是很可愛的人.妳相信心靈伴侶嗎,尼琪?
Nikki : Yeah, I think so. 是的,我相信.
Babara : Someone who sees the world just the way you do. They don't even have to be there with you some how you are just aware of them, someone you always meant to be with.Well! That was Peter. 有人就是和你的觀點一樣.他們不必和你在一起,你能感覺出,就是要和他在一起.這就是彼得.
Nikki : Sounds nice. 聽起來不錯.

Babara : It was wonderful and then we found out he'd got cancer. He was dying he was in such pain toward the end. It was almost more than either of us could bare. It wasn't murder. I knew God wouldn't see it as murder. But what I did do was kill the only man I could ever love, my soul mate. And the loneliness is much more punishment than this place could ever be. So writing would give me a purpose in life. Keeps me sense. 一切都很好,直到我們發現他得癌症.他快病死了,非常痛苦地走向生命盡頭.我們都承受不住.這不是謀殺.我知道上帝不會視為謀殺.我確實殺了我唯一深愛的人,我的心靈伴侶.孤寂帶來的懲罰,比監禁還重.寫作給了我生活的目的.讓我理智.
Nikki : You tell it as it is, just make sure the screws don't get a sneak preview and that there is nothing in there about me. 妳就寫吧,只要別讓獄卒偷看,還有,不要寫到我.(這句話是個大陰影.Babara並沒有提到Nikki的名字,但是她的功力不及達文西秘碼,最後還是被Jim Fenner找到玄機.)

當Jim Fenner想用老步數,要脅Yvonne付錢換取特別會客室.Yvonne早把球場上的偷拍照片貼在牆上,嚇得Fenner想用蠻力制服女人.可是她強悍到一手擋下攻擊,還反手要脅對方要助她逃獄.

Yvonne : You ain't seen my Charlie? Have you? Nikki. 妳沒看過的查理,是嗎?尼琪.
Nikki : NO, I haven't. 沒看過.
Yvonne : Yeah! Look, he sent me these pictures of himself playing golf. He loves his golf, does my Charlie? You play golf, don't you, Mr. Fenner? Here. Have a look. Maybe you two bumped into each other you never know. This is a small world. 看,他寄給我他打高爾夫球的照片.他好愛打高爾夫球,不是嗎?你不也打高爾夫球,費拿先生?來看.說不定你們曾在球場上


"I stuck what was left of the broken bottle in his neck. He fell to his knees he was trying to hold the blood in with his hands. I could tell straight away he didn't have a chance. There was a hell of a lot of blood. I don't regret spilling a single drop of it. He tried asking me to help him, stupid bastard. I phoned the police then while we waited I told him why I stabbed him. He knew anyway. I told him anyway. He tried to rape Trisha. And you lot weren't gonna do anything about it, were you? He was one of your copper, I'm glad the bastard is dead."


關於這段情節,可同時參考S1E04 The Victim 受害者,Nikki對Monica的口述.

Helen : Shit. 糟了.
Karen : Burning in the midnight oil already. 準備挑燈夜戰.
Helen : I just got a load to speed on. 很多事情需要加速.
Karen : I wonder if you fancy a drink? But if you're busy. 想不想喝一杯?如果不忙的話.(外國人似乎認為在辦公室內放一瓶酒並無傷大雅,既使是公職人員.)
Helen : I'm never too busy for that. I'd love one. 喝酒那裡會嫌忙.我想喝一杯.(Helen喝酒的鏡頭好像出現過三四次,好喝的她遇上開酒吧的Nikki算是絕配.)

Karen : You know when I meant this morning, Helen, anything I can do to help. That's what I'm here for. And that goes for the officers, too. Anything gives you problem, just let me know. Some of officers never read beyond the word jailer in the job description and little that interest in prison's welfare.
Helen : How do you get along with Jim Fenner? 妳和吉姆費拿處得如何?
Karen: You know Shell Dockley withdrew her allegation against him. 妳知道雪兒杜撤銷對他的指控.

Helen : I think Jim Fenner got the look of the devil, though I doubt it is just a look. 我覺得吉姆費拿看起來邪門,有可能只是外表吧.
Karen : Well either way. He has been going about job like a model officer since his suspension was lifted. 不管如何,自從他復職後,一直表現得像模範員工.
Helen : As far as you know. 目前妳看得到的.
Karen : Maybe. I do know. I was glad to have him around when a woman HIV come after me using syringe of her blood. 或許吧.但是當愛滋帶原者用感染的血液威脅我時,我很慶幸他能在現場.
Helen : I heard he passed on the medal too. Just watching him, Karen, he is a sly bastard. 聽說他被獎勵了.注意他,凱倫,他很狡滑.
Karen : Oh! I know. 哦,我知道.

Helen : I need to talk to you. 我要和妳談一下.
Nikki : Anytime. 隨時奉陪.
Helen : Do you know how long you are going to be in here before anyone even thinks about reviewing your case. 妳知道妳要待多久,才會有人想到重審妳的案子?
Nikki : What are you talking about. 妳說什麼?
Helen : 10 years. That's judge's decision. That's nine more years not until they set you free, but before anyone can even considers it. 10年.這是法官的意見.這9年還不是到期就放妳出獄,而是才開始考慮能不能放.

Nikki : Can't be. 不可能.
Helen : Believe me. I've seen your files and with your attitude in here they could keep you in here for another 15-20 years.相信我.我看過妳的檔案,還有妳的態度,他們可以再關妳15-20年.
Nikki : What? 什麼?
Helen : That's not the worst of it. Letting you go is up to the home secretary. You killed a police officer. It means that they might never let you out of here. 這不是最糟的.妳的去留由總部秘書長決定.妳殺了警察.他們可能永遠不放妳出去.

Nikki : Jesus. I said I was a hopeless case. 天呀.我早說過這案子沒希望.
Helen : You are not a hopeless case. Nikki, it is going to be a difficult forming an appeal! I saw the statement you made to police. You didn't do yourself any favors. The judge said: "It was a cold blooded murder." See, he was right, is that what you are "cold blooded killer". 妳的案子並非沒希望.尼琪,要上訴確實很困難.我看過妳對警方的證詞.陷自己於不利.法官說:這是冷血謀殺.妳是冷血殺手,他說對了嗎?
Nikki : Of cause. I'm not. 我當然不是.


Nikki : It's alright. We're safe here. Don't worry. 沒關係.我們很安全.別擔心.
Helen : It's not that. 不是這個意思.
Nikki: Then, what is it? You've got off me now. 那是什麼意思?妳把我打斷了.
Helen : Nikki! Sit down. I need to talk to you. 尼琪,坐下來,我要和妳談談.
Nikki : Talking is what you do afterwards. 談話是「之後」的事情.
Helen : Please! 拜託!

Nikki: Ok! So, what do you want to talk about? 好吧,妳想談什麼?
Helen : Us. What are we doing? 我們.我們在做什麼?
Nikki : What are we not doing? you mean? 我們在做什麼?妳是指?
Helen : Nikki! I need you to understand. You turn my life inside out. I thought I knew which way I was going. I was doing a job that I want to do. I was committed to the man I loved. There is no sign post anymore, I don't know what to expect. Except it won't be normal. 尼琪,我需要妳明白.妳把我的世界搞亂了.我以為我知道人生方向,從事喜歡的工作,守著我愛的男人.突然失去了指標.不曉得要期待什麼.只曉得變得不再尋常.(表白用這種開場是個險招,讓人以為是抱怨.)
Nikki : So, what's normal? a husband, a job, 2 and 4 kids?什麼是正常?一個丈夫,一份工作,二~四個小孩?
Helen : I want a kid one day. 我希望有一天能有孩子.(沒想到這集播映十年之後,兩位演員先後生子.)

Nikki : You can still have them. There are ways. Look! Helen, you're not abnormal. You are not normal. You're just you. You do what you want to do , what you feel..妳還是可以.總有辦法.海倫,妳既不是反常,也不是正常.妳就是妳.妳就去做妳想做的,妳想...(可能導演希望用捧頰來加強情緒,所以我們看到這裡Nikki捧一次,接下來Helen捧一次.)
Helen : I want to do what's best for both of us. 我想做對我們最有益的事.

Nikki : And this is. But Helen, relationships need both people involved them. Sometimes I feel I like I'm on my own. I need to know you are not going through the emotions. 這就是了.但海倫,關係需要倆人一起努力.有時我覺得只有我一個人.我要知道妳不是感情放過就算了.(這是Nikki在抱怨Helen都不讓人抱抱嗎?)
Helen : Don't worry. I'm not. Nikki, if I didn't feel the way I feel. I won't be talking like this. 別擔心.我不會.尼琪,如果我沒有動心,我不會談這些.(Helen也來捧著Nikki的臉)

Helen : I got go. 我要走了.
Nikki : Yeah! Sure. 是啊.
Helen : What's this? What's matter? 什麼意思?怎麼回事?
Nikki : You're trying to get me out of here. 妳想救我出去.
Helen : I will get you out of here. 我會救妳出去.
Nikki : It's great, Helen, but you can't get your job description. 很好,海倫,但這不是妳的工作內容.
Helen : Can't I ? Watch me. 我做不到嗎?看著我.

Nikki : I don't want you ruin your career over me. 我不要妳為了的毀了前途.
Helen : So what are you going to do? Tell the governor that I'm helping you to formulate an appeal. That's a new one. 妳有何打算?告訴典獄長我要幫妳準備上訴.這可新鮮.
Nikki : I don't want you get into trouble.我不要妳惹上麻煩.
Helen : Let me make a deal with you. I won't get into trouble if you don't. 我們來交換條件.如果妳不惹麻煩,我就不惹麻煩.
Nikki : You don't give up, do you? 妳就是不放棄,對吧?


Crystal : Zandra, How are you, girl? 珊德拉,怎麼樣?
Karen : She is a bit of tire. She'd better go lie down. 她有點累了.她該躺下來.
Crystal : Oh! Fine. Honesty. 噢!我真的很好.
Nikki : How're you feeing? 感覺如何
Zandra : Doctor just gave me painkillers. Seemed done the tricks. 醫生只給了止痛劑,好像沒有招數了.
Crystal : What did they say? 他們怎麼說?.....

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