Orange's Picks Part 1


有人要求我推薦非關同志的電影片單,於是先整理出幾個導演的作品.這一篇推薦片單,口味較偏向天馬行空,看過我在網站上的完整簡介,可能注意到我最喜愛的三部影片,其中一部是<Brazil 巴西>.


Terry Gilliam

Brazil 巴西(1985)
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen 終極天將(1988)
The Fisher King 奇幻城市(1991)
Twelve Monkeys未來總動員(1995)

Joel Coen and Ethan Coen 柯恩兄弟

Blood Simple.血迷宮(1984)
Raising Arizona撫養亞歷桑那(1987)
Miller's Crossing 黑幫龍虎鬥(1990)
Barton Fink巴頓芬克 (1991)
The Big Lebowski 謀殺綠姆指(1998)
The Ladykillers快閃殺手(2004)

Jonathan Demme 強納森德米

Something Wild散彈露露 (1986)
Married to the Mob烏龍密探擺黑幫 (1988)
The Silence of the Lambs沈默的羔羊 (1991)

Tim Burton 提姆波頓

Beetle Juice陰間大法師 (1988)
Edward Scissorhands 剪刀手愛德華(1990)
Nightmare Before Christmas 聖誕夜驚魂 (1993)
Ed Wood艾得伍德 (1994)
Corpse Bride 地獄新娘 (2005)

Luc Besson 盧貝松

Subway地下鐵 (1985)
Nikita霹靂煞 (1990)
Léon終極追殺令 (1994)
The Fifth Element第五元素 (1997)
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc聖女貞德 (1999)

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匿名 提到...

謝謝Orange的分享, 果然有很多沒看過的, 我真是太高興了:) 感動中...

匿名 提到...

I didn't know you like them, thought you were more into arthouse films, not that commercial ones aren't good, anyway. LOL, I'd like to try some of these. Luc Besson was all right, Leon and Nikita, I have a guilty pleasure watching The 5th Element and Joan of Arc, cause I watch them for Milla Jovovich...

Anyway, good work, keep them coming.

Orange 提到...

I hope I surprise you in a good way. Arthouse is not enough for my thirst, if you think about I have been watching movie since I was 6 year old kid. I'm grasping.

Since it's the part 1, get a easy start and I got more to come out.

Milla Jovovich? You are into the skinny girl? wow

匿名 提到...

哈哈, 真傳神, guilty pleasure. 看來Lang也是movie lover, 不知道是否能懇請版主跟Lang邀稿, 也跟我們這些影癡分享一下私房片單?

Bottle 提到...

Did you watch the director's cut of Brazil or the theatrical cut?

匿名 提到...

No you did not surprise me in any bad way Orange, I watch all kinds too. Ha ha ha, I am not into skinny people, I am attracted to masculinity in a woman and Milla Jovovich happened to be on the thin side. A few weeks ago I watched Michael Clayton, which was OK, Tilda Swinton was the plus.

WY, I watch much less films than Orange does. It'll be much better finish her list. I was going to do a dialogue with her, but we did not get around to it.

匿名 提到...

OMG I luv Tim Burton.
And I heart Milla Jovovich.
Waiting for ya part two !

Orange 提到...

Now you surprise me. It's the first time I get so many comments less than 24 hours. Please don't tell me I have done terrible job in writing les movies.

bottle, I own theatrical cut. It's my first DVD collection. Bought in the States.

匿名 提到...

hahah ~
i'll say u've done a great job writin any movies.
BTW yr site is like my very first les movie guide LOL

Bottle 提到...

The director's cut has nearly 50 min more footage than the US's edition. Really recommend it. Brazil is one of my earlier DVD collections too.

I also watched three out of your list of Coen Brothers' movies. Among them, Fargo is the most impressive one.

Orange 提到...

50 min! It's very tempting to get additional version. I remember it was just released in 2005.

Please do try Coen Brothers' "Blood Simple". It tells all the way where their genius coming from.

Bottle 提到...

Mine is 3-disc Criterion Collection (released in 1999). CC recently reissued the remastered edition in 2006, whose picture is anamorphic. See the comparison by DVDBeaver

Maybe yours is also a director's cut (142 min)

I will try to get my hand on "Blood Simple".

Here is My DVD collection. Not all of them are great. Sometimes the reason why I bought them is just because I couldn't find it in the DVD rental store. :roll: If you want to know some of them, let me know.

PS: "Have-seen" part isn't really complete. ;)

匿名 提到...

Lang, you're being modest. Orange is great not just because she watched so many films, but because she has fabulous insight about the subject. I'm sure you too have very interesting things to say about the movies. Hope the dialogue will happen someday.

Orange, thank you very much for a sound start. I'll try to catch up on the list.

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