Orange's Picks Part 2



Ridley Scott 雷利史考特

Alien 異形(1979)
Blade Runner 銀翼殺手(1982)
Thelma & Louise末路狂花 (1991)
Gladiator神鬼戰士 (2000)

Francis Ford Coppola 法蘭西斯柯波拉

The Godfather 教父(1972)
The Conversation 對話(1974)
The Godfather: Part II 教父II (1974)
Apocalypse Now 現代啟示錄(1979)
Rumble Fish 鬥魚(1983)
Peggy Sue Got Married 佩姬蘇要出嫁(1986)

Martin Scorsese 馬丁史柯西斯

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore再見愛麗絲(1974)
Taxi Driver計程車司機 (1976)
After Hours下班後 (1985)
The Age of Innocence純真年代 (1993)

Peter Weir 彼得威爾

Picnic at Hanging Rock懸崖上的野餐 (1975)
Gallipoli加里波底 (1981)
Witness證人 (1985)
The Truman Show楚門的世界 (1998)

George Lucas 喬治盧卡斯

THX 1138五百年後 (1971)
American Graffiti美國風情畫 (1973)
Star Wars 星際大戰(1977)

Robert Altman 勞勃阿特曼

Nashville (1975)
The Player超級大玩家 (1992)
Short Cuts銀色性男女 (1993)

David Lynch 大衛林區

Wild at Heart我心狂野 (1990)
Mulholland Dr. 穆荷蘭大道(2001)

Brian De Palma 布萊恩狄帕瑪

Carrie嘉莉 (1976)
Blow Out兇線 (1981)
Femme Fatale雙面驚悚 (2002)

Mike Nichols 麥可尼克斯

The Graduate畢業生 (1967)
Silkwood絲克伍事件 (1983)
Working Girl上班女郎 (1988)
Primary Colors風起雲湧 (1998)
"Angels in America" 美國天使(2003)
Closer偷情 (2004)

Stanley Kubrick 史丹利庫伯力克

Spartacus萬夫莫敵 (1960)
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb奇愛博士 (1964)
Barry Lyndon 亂世兒女(1975)
Eyes Wide Shut大開眼戒 (1999)

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Bottle 提到...

Just a small comment on "The Conversation". I saw this DVD in Japan,while I didn't expect it would be so good.

If you like this one, you can also try the more recent movie, The Lives of Others (2006), aka Das Leben der Anderen, which won an Oscar.

Orange 提到...

"The Conversation" perhaps is the first movie regarding snooping devices and privacy. The leading actor Gene Hackman then appeared in the similar extent " Enemy of the State" which is with more commercial appeal. I am just about to watch "The Lives of Others" DVD. I missed it's theater release. Thanks for sharing.

匿名 提到...

Haven't seen the "Brazil" and it's director's cut. But I don't think the director's cut for "Apocalypse Now" is better than the original. I just feel the director simply forgot why he cut out those 49 mins in the first place.

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