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我在檢查網站流量時發現有訪客來自這篇文章L'idée de ce blog,很好奇它為什麼會提到Orange's Review?是我寫的不夠好嗎?可不可請懂法文的朋友告訴我文章的內容,謝謝!

Je m'inspire beaucoup de Orange's Review, un blog qui parle tout autour du cinéma, des oeuvres littéraires et des téléséries homosexuels, ce qui m'impressionne sur ce blog, c'est que son auteur a fait énormément de comparaisons entre les oeuvres littéraires et leur adaptations à l'écran.Donc l'idée de faire ce blog, c'est aussi de suivre la même piste, mais je ne donne pas de thème précise sur les films que je présente ici. Par contre, je vais donner un peu de priorité au cinéma asiatique.

I inspire much of Orange's Review, blog which speaks all around the cinema, of literary works and of the teleseries homosexual, which impresses me on this blog, it is that its author enormously made comparisons between literary works and their adaptations to the écran. Donc the idea to make this blog, it is also to follow the same track, but I do not give a topic precise on films that I present here. On the other hand, I will give a little priority to the Asian cinema.


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匿名 提到...

Well, I don't know French but you can get some idea from Google Language Tool. Basically the author praised your intensive comparison between different media (TV, movies & literature) in the same theme. Though the author doesn't follow the theme trend in his/her blog, he/she would gives some priority to Asian movies.

I wonder whether the author can understand Chinese or not. In fact, there is no surprise when you meet some westerner speaking some Chinese to you in foreign countries.

Orange 提到...

thanks to wildeny, I got google automatically translated text like this:

"I gives me a lot of Orange's Review, a blog that speaks around the cinema, literary and TV homosexuals, what impresses me about this blog is that its author has done a lot of comparisons between literary and their adaptation to the screen. So the idea of this blog, but also to follow the same track, but I gave no specific theme on films that I present here. However, I will give some priority to Asian cinema."


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