Anna Madeley in Sense and Sensibility

Anna Madeley在 <Sense and Sensibility 理性與感性(2008)>電視版(公共電視曾經播過),飾演不得觀眾緣的Lucy Steele.這部作品的編劇又是Andrew Davies,第一集片頭就在賣肉.真是語不驚人死不休.Anna Madeley在劇中的詮釋與電影版類似,偏向誇張的方式.


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I watched "In Bruges" not long ago and didn't notice Anna Madeley. Not even in Sense and Sensibility ... since I didn't know her at all. :P

I only noticed Clémence Poésy; thanks to the Harry Potter film.

Though "In Bruges" is kind of unusual, it's not the movie I'd watch twice (at least not for a long time).

@Orange "演員還是得依賴好的角色" in previous post:
Or a very special bad person. Sometimes a nice character is also limited in the development in the play/movie. But not a silly character like Lucy here.

Orange 提到...

wildeny, I think I may enjoy "In Bruges" except Colin Farrell.

Where else could we find AM? The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton. She is leading actress.

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I should say the nameless prostitute impressed me, that look she shot at Colin from the sofa.

Lucy Steele, I don't know, maybe because I am never really into Jane Austen.

Mrs. Beeton is a good laugh, any AM assc. member would like it.

Orange 提到...

Getting much work done today. I think we got a mini fan site for AM. Maybe it's the first one. :-)

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Don't know where is best to leave this message.

Sally Hawkins appeared in another Jane Austen's adaption, "Persuasion" (2007) (I bought the 1995 instead). She plays the major role (Poppy) in Happy Go Lucky. The trailer in Apple site is just out.

Orange 提到...

check it out:
We did have her in local Public TV.
Do you think I pay less attention on Sally Hawkins? Yes. I confess.

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