Casablanca gay version

原版:<Casablanca 北非諜影(1942)>,Ingrid Bergman(英格麗褒曼)和Humphrey Bogart(亨佛萊鮑嘉)的經典結尾.


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匿名 提到...

No lesbian version? :( This is one of my favorite movies, and I like Ingrid Bergman.

Another one is The Third Man [1949]. Like Alida Valli. Can you get it? :P
(The song "Ma l'Amore No" sung by Alida also appears in "Malèna" [2000])

PS: Aren't you in vacation?

Orange 提到...

sorry, wildeny, we have limited lesbian version. I have tried my best.
(Of cos I was then in vocation. These articles has been pre-scheduled.)

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