Copenhagen Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

CGLFF:Copenhagen Gay and Lesbian Film Festival(哥本哈根同志影展),1986年由丹麥全國同志協會(National Association for Gay and Lesbian)所成立.影展全部由不支薪的義工來負責策劃執行.2008年影展期間為10/17~10/26,參展的女同影片包含:
-Affinity (Sarah Waters是大會貴賓,所以三部作品一齊參展)
-Tipping the Velvet
-Sugar Rush
-The Chinese Botanist's Daughter
-Victor Victoria 雌雄莫辨 (老片重上)
-Secrets (短片集,影展介紹)
-Love to Share (預告片)
-Dead Gay Men and Living Lesbian (紀錄片,影展介紹)
-Hide and Seek (紀錄片,影展介紹)
-Candy Rain 花吃了那女孩
-Out at the Wedding (預告片)
-On the edge of heaven 天堂邊緣(台灣官網預告片)
-The Secrets (預告片)
-Water Lilies 愛上壞女孩


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For "The Edge of Heaven", one can watch the trailer at Apple.com (better quality). And "Water Lilies too. Have watched both. Recommended. (The story structure of "The edge of Heaven" is a little bit like that in "Amores perros" and "Crash")

I'm more interested in "The Secrets" (Ha Sodot), because I haven't seen it and because it features Fanny Ardant. You can watch the trailer at the official site with the English subtitle (kind of slow to load up).

匿名 提到...

Sorry. It's not "is a little bit like" but "is like".

One more comment about the story structure. It's quite impressive when I first watched "Amores perros", but not so much for "Crash".

After seeing few of movies of similar structure, I wasn't really impressed by the way of how this movie (Edge of Heaven) is presented. However, the story itself is still worth watching.

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