First openly lesbian head of government

最近媒體不約而同報導冰島政府看守內閣新上任的總理Johanna Sigurdardottir是全球第一位公開同志身分的國家最高領導人.這個政治地位,對於女性或是同志族群而言,都是創紀錄的位階.至於是不是創紀錄的成就,在如此艱難的環境下,恐怕她需要更加努力.



德國柏林市長:Klaus Wowereit (神似Alec Baldwin)

英國健康部部長:Ben Bradshaw (有一點休葛蘭的味道)

義大利綠黨主席:Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio (小平頭版的哈維爾巴登Javier Bardem?)

法國巴黎市長:Bertrand Delanoe

澳洲環境部部長:黃英賢Penny Wong

英國商務大臣:Peter Mandelson

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Hi Orange 新春大吉,出入平安。:)

你忘记这一位噢,澳大利亚环境部部长黄英贤 Penny Wong


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Ms Sigurdardottir is going to face the tough situation. I hope she can do well.

In this BBC News article, it said:
What is really historic about this new cabinet says Skuli Helgeson, the general secretary of Ms Sigurardottir's Social Democratic Alliance, is not the fact that its leader is a lesbian, but that for the first time in Icelandic history it boasts an equal number of men and women.

"I don't think her sexual orientation matters. Our voters are pretty liberal, they don't care about any of that," he told BBC News.

This equal number probably is also the first in the world (past & modern times).

Orange 提到...

Lang, I don't know about Penny Wong. Interesting finding. And I would change another artistic photo of Mayor of Paris. He did look good in his age.

Wildeny, I read this BBC article and came out this post. I didn't pay attention "it boasts an equal number of men and women.". Yes, that's remarkable achievement. (btw, how about your biking?)

Unknown 提到...

英國商務大臣,Peter Mandelson,就是喝了毒奶腎結石的那一位,也是gay。


Orange 提到...

把Penny Wong,Peter Mandelson都加上了

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