Virago is pushing The Little Stranger

Virago已準備開始華老師新作The Little Stranger(再次聲明:沒有女同情節)的促銷活動,出版社同時計劃將SarahWaters.com改版,新站將有新書部份節錄,現在去網上留下email,可以獲得最新消息通報.

我在Bookseller看到此次The Little Stranger出版報導,其中一段寫道:
    Virago publisher Lennie Goodings added: "There will be a gentle release of chapters, teasing and tantalising people. She seems to be one of those very few writers who people want to read in hardback—so much so that we have the confidence of sending out [the proofs] called ‘The New Sarah Waters'—it is rare that you can do that. And it's rare that [readers] don't wait for the paperback. That is why we have all this energy behind it."

想到The Night Watch原文書剛上市時,我們只有精裝書可買,根本無從選擇,他們竟然說我們只想看精裝書.....這說法實在有點出入啊!


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匿名 提到...

I think Virago publisher meant Sarah Waters's books are so fascinating that most readers don't want to wait for the paperback edition. Normally the paperback edition will be out 6 months to one year after the hardback's release. I also bought the last two books of Alison Bechdel's in hardback.

Three of Sarah Waters's books are included in this enormous list of 1000 Novels Everyone Must Read from The Guardian. You can find books by lesbian or bi writers from the above list in this post.

Orange 提到...

all right, I got the point. It's "can't wait for the paperback edition". I wonder how many people will be still that eager for "The Little Stranger".

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