Sarah Waters and Anna Madeley attended Frameline 32 Opening Night


<Affinity>曾參加6月19日San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival(舊金山同志影展,又稱Frameline 32),邀為影展開幕影片.我們在6月30日的文章放過Anna Madeley出席首映會,在Castro Theatre前的照片.沒想到Sarah Waters也出席了!

由「AM之友協會」病入膏肓級會員:Lang阿朗提供她們兩位出席首映座談會的現場畫面.阿朗提醒大家注意2:40左右華老師逗得全場大笑:"The combination of the dark seances and dark prison and young girls being tied up, these are all sort of bubbling...I didn't have to do much to it, really"


8月19日是<Affinity>DVD正式發行日,Wolfe Video可能趁華老師到舊金山參展時,順便錄下一小段宣傳影片.好辛苦,既要打書,又要打片.

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匿名 提到...

;D 站在舞台中央笑谈黑屋bondage,华老师真是“华丽的邪恶”了。

Orange 提到...

我真感到不好意思, 你已經知道台灣中譯本把Affinity譯成不知所云的"華麗的邪惡".

匿名 提到...

And the interview on AfterEllen. Quite long.

"The script of Night Watch is being written right now..." I wonder how they could do this in a 90-min TV ... not just cut out some but probably wouldn't film it as backward in time, I guess.

And for her next book ...

Orange 提到...

wildeny, thanks. I have embedded the vlog.

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