Sarah Waters:AfterEllen Interview

Malinda Lo以Vlog的方式訪問Sarah Waters:


提到三部改編作品的成績,雖然她口口聲聲都說好.但看她用字和表情,我認為她最喜歡的還是<Fingersmith>.The Night Watch的電視電影版正在改編中,這次由女性編劇操刀.言詞間覺得她充滿期盼(我們也是).





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Thanks Orange and Wildeny for putting it up.

She just said that the three adaptations are all good and all very different, and that they’d done good job, and someone now is writing up The Night Watch screen script.

I think Dr. Waters was being polite and diplomatic when it comes to commenting the adaptations, good mannered as she has always been. Even then, she said that Andrew Davis had taken out the original ambiguity towards the end of the film. Anyway, let’s see what a female screenwriter can do to a Waters novel this time. I am expectant to that. If handle with care I think The Night Watch can be a made beautiful film and could even be mainstream success.

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No wonder that her writing room seems to be based on functionality only, nothing glamorous. But it's still prettier than Charlotte Mendelson's :P

Have no idea why Malinda needed to check her watch. Didn't they have some assistant besides the camera to give her some hints?

Orange 提到...

yes, I have seen the pic of SW's writing room. See, there is a London map on the right wall. I would accept her room. Mendelson's is way too much. How can you organize your novel when you are in a mess? Are these different things? To me, they are same things.

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