Tipping the Velvet: 24 Historic Music Hall Recordings

Wildeny找到一張音樂專輯,它得自Tipping The Velevet跨性別表演的靈感,將1915~1938期間,幾位重要藝人的珍貴錄音收錄下來.這些藝人有些是在舞台上反串,有些是曲子帶著同志的味道,例如歌名:"Masculine Women! Feminine Men!";或是歌詞:"now's your opportunity, join the gay community,".


Gwen Farrar (1899~1944)

Hetty King

Douglas Byng

Vesta Tilley (1864~1952):在英美兩地走紅30年女扮男裝的藝人.這是她的男裝造型名信片.

Ella Shields (1879~1952):YouTube還找得到1933年,她以54之齡粉墨登場.

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匿名 提到...

Wow! You did a good job to find these stuff. :) Ella Shields really danced quite well at this age. Vesta Tilley seemed to live in the period that is closer to the time depicted in Tipping the Velvet.

BTW, I watched the War Widow. The pacing is too slow and the story doesn't have space to let the two main characters develop. Kind of pity.

Orange 提到...

There are many photos regarding their cross-dressing performance. No wonder Sarah Waters has some collections. she mentioned in South Bank Show interview.

I would find time to watch whole <The War Widow>

匿名 提到...

This reminds me of Marlene Dietrich. Never paid attention to her performance (:P) until when I heard of her German version of Lili Marlen. What a voice! Uuh.. Her English version (found in another web site), which is like a marching song, was performed in a more masculine voice. Personally I prefer the German version. ;-)

The link above provides the lyrics and mp3 of this song in different languages. You also can find clips in YouTube. (I love one clip that she scolded the journalists for interrupting her performance by using flash).

烏龍院長 (no idea who he is) wrote a long article about this song (in Chinese). I can send you if you're interested.

PS: No wonder this became her nickname ...

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