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The Little Stranger got new cover介紹華老師新書出版進度,Lang 留言告訴我她獲得企鹅中国贈閱预读本.後來她幫我留意到四月份還有機會,我就去申請.....很幸運可以獲選!

申請過程比我想像中的激烈,22本原文書目,只提供二本The Little Stranger,愛書人必須提出堅強的申請理由.有興趣的人可以看看那段申請過程



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我的企求應驗了!感謝 :-P

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The other day I was thinking to ask you whether you're going to place an order of this book.

Let me know if it's worth buying a hardcopy + expansive shipping for this book. I bought the HC of Night Watch, but I didn't finish it; only read the first period (the latest in chronological order). :blush: I felt sad about one character (though I have no idea why) and couldn't continue ...

I'm planning to read Night Watch later ... when I find some time ;-)

BTW, don't tell me too much about the book, or it might suppress the surprise. :-)

Orange 提到...

You're speaking of The Little Stranger? or The Night Watch? I don't think Lang would spoil The Little Strange. Neither do I.

But I want to talk about The Night Watch some other time. I did write a post about Helen vs Duncan. Well, watch out your click. Next time, I will write about Kay.

Lang 提到...

Re The Night Watch -
To be honest, the first part of The Night Watch is sluggish and seemingly purposeless. But if you give up the book only because of part one, you don't know what you are missing. Maybe you could find another time and read on, keep on reading, then you'll see that the dullness and purposelessness does actually have a purpose. It is intended.

Re The Little Stranger -
Hmmm, can't say too much except for that it is a ghost story, a gothic tale, it has engrossing suspension. One thing I am sure is that this one hooks you pretty much from chapter one.

匿名 提到...

@Orange:"BTW, don't tell me too much about the book, or it might suppress the surprise. :-)" I meant The Little Stranger. I need to decide whether it worth for me to pay for that expansive shipping. (I wish we have similar Penguin in Taiwan :P).

Hmm... interesting. Will give it a try again. I haven't read any good novels recently ... but I read a lot of books about cycling. Ha!

Have you read The Secret Letter by Emma Donoghue?

Lang 提到...

No, I haven't read The Secret Letter. I have too many things at hand and am ashamed to say, I don't read as much... -_-

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