Octave Chinese Edition

前一又陣子由網友entangled極力推薦的漫畫"オクターヴ" (Octave)目前已由東立出版社發行中譯本"變調的旋律"1-2集(是限制級).


    由於〝不紅的偶像〞這個過去,而始終無法抬頭挺胸的宮下雪乃,在她眼前出現了一位女性——以前曾為音樂人的岩井節子。兩人從相遇,到發展出肌膚之親,進而陷入愛河。由於被需要而付出自己所有的雪乃,與需要雪乃而變得坦率的節子—— 而這兩人,已沉溺在兩人的世界裡。



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HC 提到...

Oh thank god there's chinese version.
Those english translations online are making me crazy. They're always weird.
I love this manga though. Seems very different from the usual Yuri mangaa out there.

匿名 提到...

Whoever reads the vol. 2 is likely to be pretty mad at Yukino. Like Erica said in her review:
"Because of my strong feelings against Yukino and for Setsuko I have to admit that this is a good book. It's got me giving a crap what happens."

Let's hope that two are in harmony in the end.

HC 提到...

I think I konw what you are referring to. But the storyline is so addicting. I mean I've had enough of those romance in all-girls school where somehow nobody has a life after high school graduation. I'm just glad that Octave didn't turn out to be another cliché.

犽 提到...


匿名 提到...

to HC:

I myself have read it more than one and still ordered these two volumes. (XD) I am just afraid that 東立 may not continue to translate the book (they do that sometimes). And this book is much better than most Yuri-type comic books.

to 犽:
Wait to see vol. 3 (published on Aug 23 in Japan).


I have been thinking about the title. I guess, it implies the big differences in personality between Yukino and Setsuko (regarding the space between two tones with the same name).

Orange 提到...


HC 提到...

Well I think I'll look for the Chinese version here in HK. Anyway I read the scans online. So I already read part of the Vol.3. It just keeps getting better.

Re: entangled
haha I like your interpretation of the title. But I think it implies the differences AND the similarity. The title is perfect for Yukino and Setsuko 's relationship.

sidra 提到...


從Orange這邊得到好多資訊,像之前的"青之花",也是Orange提,才知道有這麼合我口味的動畫,哈哈~~~ 謝謝Orange喔!!!

Orange 提到...


匿名 提到...

Vol. 3 IS OUT! Ya!

Haven't been the bookstore for a while. Just notice this. Though I already know the story so far, I still order a copy. :)

Orange 提到...

很久沒有這樣緊盯漫畫的故事發展,買到第五集時,預告第6集就是完結篇,我好擔心會是分手下場,還好網路上已說是Happy Ending,幸好不是書名所稱的「變調」。還不錯的故事,值得收藏的漫畫集。

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