Gentleman Jack:Anne Lister生平二度搬上螢幕

繼2010年《The Secret Diary of Miss Anne Lister》(安小姐的秘密日記),Anne Lister生平故事再度改編成電視影集,BBC One與HBO合作將於今年下半年推出《Gentleman Jack》合計八集。

不同於《安小姐的秘密日記》以Anne Lister與Marianna長年牽扯不清的地下戀情為主,這次偏重後期她成為女企業家,努力維繫家族的煤礦事業,並且大膽透過和Ann Walker的女女婚約,結合兩大家族經濟勢力。

左:Sophie Rundle,右:Suranne Jones

Suranne Jones飾演Anne Lister,Sophie Rundle飾演Ann Walker。兩位女星稱得上年輕貌美,不過目前流傳Anne Lister劇照,可能是髮型和眉毛太忠於原味,看起有點像「小氣財神」。

Sally Wainwright(莎莉溫賴特)身兼影集編劇、導演、執行製作。她是英國多次獲獎的知名劇作家,2016年獲Wellcome Trust(惠康基金會)年度編劇贊助計畫Wellcome Screenwriting Fellowship。她使用三千英鎊贊助金和資料庫權限著手研究Anne Lister。


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wildeny 提到...

Love this TV series much more than the previous BBC one. It's more true to the real story of Anne Lister (her personality). After watching it, I even bought the companion book "Gentleman Jack: The Life and Times of Anne Lister" by Anne Choma. This is a good read, covering more details which have to neglected in the TV series (for dramatical effect etc).

Bought the ebook via Kobo UK site (which is cheaper than in other regions...) -- same price as in Amazon UK, but I prefer non-Kindle version in ebooks.

The book before TV series written by Angela Steidele got mix reviews in Amazon UK, partially due to the author's personal opinions (anyway, the author must have her/his own stand when starting write someone, right?)

Not sure about how the story of season 2 is planned. Unless talking about the coal business, landscaping and the trips together (especially the last trip...). Hope this series won't be like "Killing Eve" season 2, disappointed.

Orange 提到...

Gentleman Jack大概會是2019年最值得一看的影集,也再度證明英國演員人才濟濟。劇本很紮實,立體展現Anne Lister。其實她本人有點機會主義,在Ann Walker身邊,觀眾就不太在意了。

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